Expert Luxury Listing Services

Selling in Destin & the Emerald Coast

In the current market finding Buyers for a property is seemingly…easy. So, what do we bring to the table that separates us from the rest of the agents in the market? Well, simply put the answer is Raw Data.

In the world of marketing and business he who holds the data, holds all the cards. Because we own and operate Destin Dreamers Luxury Vacation Rentals and our expertise is in the Short Term Rental market, we have data and information that quite simply other agents just do not have and have to try and procure from companies like us.


We have the pricing algorithms to know future values, future sales and projected income that any savvy investor is going to want to see and instead of giving hopeful projections, we can give them hard facts. This unique perspective coupled with our management companies ability to produce higher than average occupancy at higher per night rates throughout the year, allows us the ability to offer these properties to investors as turn key packaged acquisition instead of just buying another home.

Furthermore, the owner of the company, Chris Harper, is also excellent at knowing what key features the home may need to elevate it to a level that is sure to bring not only higher prices, but much higher returns as well. Chris has proven this model time and time again by taking a property another agent could not sell over a 6 month period, doing light remodeling, re-decorating and then re-listing the home with immediate results and for far more money that it was even previously listed at.

We would love to set up a free consultation with you to see what we can offer. If nothing else, I am sure we can give you great insight into the market and valuation for your property should you be interested in selling down the road.

What is my luxury home worth?

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